Rights, Data and Modes of Justification in Response to COVID-19: Reflections from the First Year of the Pandemic

On Tuesday 23 March OMDDAC held a joint webinar with the University of Birmingham’s COVID Review Observatory (CVRO) to discuss their initial findings and reflections from the first year of the pandemic.

Webinar begins at 1:30

The webinar considered the justifications put forward for COVID-19 responses, and assessed the respective roles that data and human rights have (or have not) come to perform in the context of the pandemic.


  • Rachel Allsopp is a Research Fellow at Northumbria University School of Law and OMDDAC Research Associate.
  • Prof Fiona de Londras is Chair of Global Legal Studies at the University of Birmingham and is the CVRO’s Principal Investigator.


  • Dr Marion Oswald is Vice-Chancellor’s Senior Fellow in Law at Northumbria University and Director of OMDDAC.